Secrets of Natural Walking™

Secret Of Natural Walking

Walking is a part of our daily lives, yet many of us do not know how to walk properly. Secrets of Natural Walking™ workshops reveal the Secrets of Natural Walking™ that can solve numerous health problems such as hip, knee, leg, and back problems caused by improper walking. Walking is not only for styles; walking can actually improve our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Every step should correct and improve our muscles, body shape, body proportion, and spine as well as cleanse negative emotions, clear the mind, and strengthen our spiritual heart, the center of peace and calmness. Participants of Secrets of Natural Walking™ workshops will experience all of these benefits first hand.

What is Unknown to the Public

Natural Self Healing Functions 

Our human body is extraordinary with natural self healing functions, however many of us are not allowing this process to happen effectively. Meridians are the natural energy pathways of the body, when stimulated, it can awaken the natural selfhealing functions of the body. In reflexology, the reflexes of the body organs are on the very feet that we use in walking everyday. We need to stimulate all of these body organs’ meridians;this is precisely why we need to start walking properly. Just as eating should not be about merely putting food into our mouth but more about a proper nutrition intake to stay healthy,
walking should not be about merely moving our legs and feet to arrive at a destination. Walking should be done properly to allow its natural and beneficial functions to be activated, giving not only physical health benefits but also mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits. Many people are still unaware that they can reap these benefits through proper natural walking.

Secrets to Natural Walking™ Workshops
Participants of Secrets of Natural Walking™ (SONW) workshops will recognize for themselves how they have been limiting the body’s self-healing capability as well as impeding mental, emotional, and spiritual growth through improper walking. By recognizing and replacing improper walking with proper natural walking, SONW participants will be able to experience firsthand all of the benefits that proper natural walking offers.

The Real You


The Real You
An Interview with Irmansyah Effendi
By Luciana Buchanan

Why did you name your book “The Real You”?

The questions surrounding who we really are and why we are here have been the ultimate topic stirring many philosophers, spiritual seekers and theologists throughout different times and eras for as long as human existed.
Many people devote their lives to searching for an answer, yet most seek using their mind, concepts and ideas, while it is only with the heart one can be shown the answer.
Fulfilling our true purpose of life begins by realizing who we really are, and that is why I named my book The Real You: Beyond Forms and Lives.

Why did you decide to write this book now?

I started sharing about opening the heart in workshops in 2000, and I am so grateful that the response has been so positive. We now have over 50.000 alumni from all over the world including UK, Ireland, Germany, Finland, South Africa, USA, South America, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, and so on.
As more and more hearts are opened to True Source, I feel that people are more ready to know deeper truths, and now is the proper time to introduce and reveal the many secrets that exist beyond this human shell.

Is there anything you would like to share about your book that would be of interest to the readers of this magazine?

I had been spiritually seeking myself for many years, and there was a point in my life where a third of my salary just went into buying spiritual books and as soon as I returned from work, I would meditate for 4 – 41/2 hours per day.
I am so thankful to many guides and books that helped to open mind, yet it was only when I was conscious as my true self that it was possible to understand in a way so deep, so clear and so completely that no books could ever explain. The deepest part of me started to remember who I really am, why I am here, the real purpose of life of every being-and the reason True Source has created everything that ever existed.
What I discuss and share in this book is not my theories, or an analysis of other people’s theories. It is a personal sharing of what I experience in my highest, my deepest consciousness as my true self and also the experiences of thousand or our alumni who have since attained their true self consciousness

How is what you are sharing different to other approaches to spiritual growth?

Putting aside all concepts and ideas, spiritual growth must be directly related to spirit.
And it is only by opening heart that you can begin your path of spiritual growth, as our spirit (true self) reside within our heart. And contrary to conventional theories that rely on effort and will from the self to achieve something, true spiritual growth can only be accepted as a blessing from True Source, The Creator.

You mentioned the heart and putting what you share into practice. Could you explain what you mean by this?

Sure, there are three important keys to opening your heart: relax, touch your heart, and smile.
You see, many of us as we grow older, we start to think more, accumulate more burdens, and without realizing we are closing our hearts more and more. That is why you might notice that children smile and laugh more freely than adults, as their brains are not yet blocking their hearts.
You could try by firstly relaxing…close your eyes…touch the center of your upper chest lightly with your fingers, and smile sweetly and freely…
Keep on smiling sweetly and freely to your heart and let the Blessings help you to go into the peace and calmness…Enjoy…
Relaxing, touching your heart, and smiling sweetly and freely are the first steps to really rely on the Love from True Source. The key to spiritual growth is to move away from relying on us or our efforts and start relying on the Unlimited Love from True Source.
You can read my other book, Smile to Your Heart Meditations, for further and detailed information on how to strengthen your heart and the wonderful feeling from your heart.

What you are saying is that the key to spiritual growth is learning how to rely on The Love from True Source instead of relying on ‘us’ or our efforts to do it.

That is correct. We are all limited beings with so many weaknesses. How can imperfect being reach something perfect? As best a limited being can do, it will always be limited. True Source Love is the perfect one; True Source Love is Unlimited; and this Divine Love


Sharing about Inner Heart


My career as a consultant requires that I be capable to answer various questions raised by clients.
There should be a logical reply to every question.
Once when I was attending a practice on MY1.5 in Bogor, Mr. Weka, the leader, asked me a question which according to him actually came from Mr. Irman. A simple question:”Why are the participants (including me) willing to come from Jakarta to Bogor?” I simply answered, “Well, it was because I already joined the MY1.5.”
A few months afterwards, a friend from Padmajaya told me, that he could not feel the heart. He also expressed that he didn’t understand why in spite of this he was still joining the practice. This reminded me of the question raised by Mr. Weka earlier:”Why are the participants (including me) willing to come from Jakarta to Bogor?”
The question could even be modified as follows: “Why are there many participants who are willing to come from afar, even from out-of-country, to join the Padmajaya workshops, which only guide them to smile, surrender, and prioritize True Source’s Love? Many even attend the same workshop time and again, which understandably not without some expenses to bear. This doesn’t seem logical; but our brain just can’t find the reason of this all.
But then, from this question I just realized that the “heart” do understand all these. Our brain can’t understand, but our “heart” can! As for my Padmajaya friend, who said that he could not feel the “heart”, he actually has been following his “heart”, so he keeps willing to practice together.
Our “heart” and “Inner heart”, which are the most wonderful gifts from True Source to us, always long for True Source’s Love. This is the reason!! Even if we don’t feel anything, or don’t see any benefit, our “heart” and “inner heart” always prefer and prioritize True Source’s Love.
“Come on brain, just stop thinking about this, since you would never understand and would not be able to find the answer.”

Questions and Answers in Reiki Tummo


Questions and Answers in Reiki Tummo
1) What is your personal opinion for using the symbols in the Reiki Tummo? Do you use symbols or not?

As I have mentioned in other email where I attached the new way of doing Reiki after Level 2 without symbols. So, now, we do not have to use Reiki symbols anymore in Reiki Tummo. That is since mid 2011. The reason for not using symbol is because symbol in Reiki Tummo is just a helping tool to understand the benefits of non physical energy called Reiki that actually has so many benefits, like different colors with different benefits. This is a tool to help our heart willing to open and surrender to accept The Love, as represented by different Reiki energy vibrations.

It is like a baby walker to help the baby to learn to walk. Once the baby knows how to walk, the baby is ready to learn how to run. If we still give the baby walker to the baby to use, the baby never learn to run properly. So, the symbol in Reiki Tummo is like that baby walker. After 2011, human heart is ready to progress better in surrendering without using symbols. That is why we need to remove the symbols. But, you can still use the symbols if you want, but your heart opening and surrendering progress will be slower. Just like the baby who want to learn to run but still want to use the baby walker :)

We keep the manual as it was before to show the history of Reiki Tummo that we did use symbols in the past, but not now.

So, I do not use symbol any longer and the results are even much much better as we are surrendering more to True Source.

2) The second question is about opening my aura. Do I need to open my aura before the self-healing? Is it necessary or not? And if yes, why it is important?

All steps in Reiki Tummo healing are important, for the best results. There is nothing wrong if you miss 1 step as Reiki energy is Divine Love so never give you any harm. But, if you do the complete steps, you get the best results.

Opening aura is important before we start the channeling so the penetration of Reiki energy into our body layers are the best. Remember our aura is acting like the Atmosphere layer for the Earth. As we need to put something into our body, the best if we open this aura. But, do not worry about negative energy can enter the body. Reiki energy has its own mechanism to prevent this.
After healing, you do not need to close aura if you are healthy, it can close by it self. For the patient, it is better to close the aura after healing as their aura is weaker.

3) The last question is about self-healing. In other (mainly in traditional) Reiki systems it is not necessary to do the self-healing procedure after level 2 “manually” (putting your hands to different positions on your body). The self-healing is done by sending the energy to the whole body at once (to all parts of the body at once). So the question is: it is necessary to do the self-healing in RT level 2 identically as in level 1 or not? And if yes, why? Why it is not enough to send the energy to the whole body?

Good question. In Reiki Tummo, doing Self Healing and Open Heart Prayer is the main basic exercises that we need to do every day even if we already attended advanced level. Why? Because when you do self healing, your heart is connected better to Divine Love&Light through the energy flow to your heart then to your palms. Remember, it is your heart that is actually have direct connection to the Source of Divine Energy, True Source. So, every time you channel Reiki energy, your direct heart connection is improving.

If our true final spiritual goal is to return to The Source (attain Yoga), how can that happen if our heart does not have better direct connection to True Source? And doing self healing every day is not for healing the body (as all healthy body will die anyway), but for maintaining and improving our heart direct Love connection with our Beloved True Source.

You can do simple experiment as below:
a) relax, smile joyfully and intend to channel Reiki Tummo forward for about 2-3 minutes while smiling to your heart joyfully. Feel what happen to your heart feeling?
b) Stop channeling and feel how your heart feeling after 2-3 minutes
c) Channel again, repeat step a and how your heart feeling?

So, doing self healing is very important in Reiki Tummo. The main goal is not for healing, but for that heart connection to True Source.

It is better to do position to position. Intending to channel to the whole body does not mean you can do it properly already. In fact, channeling to multiple target at once in paralel is part of Level 3A materials called Mass Channeling. So, Level 2 can not do it yet, even if they intend to do so, the results are not the same. It is something to do with how much your heart open and connected to The Source.

i understand many people oversimplify spiritual matters, thinking that by intending they can do the same. They just forget, it is not about our intention. It is about how true our real connection is. Just like you open the water tap in your house but your house plumbing system is not connected to the water company yet. Even if you open (analogy of intention) 1000x, no water will flow. But it will be different if you already have connection to the water company.

Hope this explains.

Beautiful Heart Sharing


“I would like to share on what Reiki Tummo has done for me.

It has been two years since I’ve started my search for answers and ways to happiness.

Since i became a Reiki Usui practioner last year, i have enjoyed the mysterious beneficial powers that reiki has demonstrated thru simple practices (a lay of hands). Interestingly enough, I grew to know reiki practices as part of everyday life and I often took it for granted as if its not there helping me on my way.

Just how much did it impact my life without me knowing? No way to tell for sure. But when I was fortunate enough to ‘upgrade’ and further awaken the abilities of reiki dwelling within me, to Reiki Tummo’s level, I discovered just how amazing and wonderfully peaceful life can be with the proper mindset when working with Reiki Tummo. There is a step in being a divine energy channel and you could say that there is no mindset to it at all, just acceptance: its called surrender.

In my two years of obsessive spiritual seeking, nothing has brought me closer to answers or fulfillment like surrender has… With proper ‘surrender’, you can truly trust that there are no more questions you have to ask. You’re heart may eventually reveal the truths of life as it grows stronger through practice.

When asked to surrender, the most important step in Reiki Tummo (to me), its as if I am letting go of everything I know, believe, have and still want in my life. This step of surrendering while channeling energy does not mean “losing or giving” this surrender is “letting go.” To me, It’s the greatest “weapon”, or better put, “peace treaty” or tool I have to face life in its entirety.

What surrender means to me is the universe whispering “I am yours, you are mine.” One day, I’ll experience first hand the absolute truth that I have everything I need in life already. Everything beautiful like peace, love, bliss is already ours regardless of what our life looks on the outside. It’s a process through surrender that we will see more and more.

Being taught to surrender itself is priceless. No amount of money could ever give you what surrender gives and reveals to you.

I look at surrender as a complete acceptance of life in the full. The example would be accepting the good times as well as the difficult times. What could be more peaceful? Life has many lessons to give us if we simply accept all that we feel through surrender.

Surrender is not exclusive to Reiki Tummo -I believe every great teacher, saint, Christ, Buddha, etc. had realized life’s abundance through surrender- But it was the first time in my life when learning about Reiki Tummo that I saw just how much surrender can impact my life positively. Of course, in complete honesty, I didn’t have the understanding of acceptance (surrender) that I do now. Since the classes I took last October I have done much stumbling in my life. There is no quick fix to life’s troubles! But I am lucky to have stumbled enough to remember acceptance is the key to a fulfilled life.

Many of my dissatisfying life events have resulted through unhealthy expectation that some thing external, out there, will bring me happiness. This is where I have stumbled. So what has really made my life more complete, and what has allowed me peace with difficult situations? Complete surrender and acceptance of all life has to give. This I have come to learn is what will bring about true prosperity.

To be completely honest, it has only been the last two weeks that I’ve really understood that acceptance

Besides my thoughts on surrender (the greatest practice of life) I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for the Reiki Tummo classes last October and ones that just took place in early March. Thank you all who had a part in bringing Reiki Tummo to Houston twice in less than 6 months :)

The last thing I would like to share is an example of surrender: As the Reiki Tummo 3A class was nearing an end, the teacher asked us to pray and give thanks for the Attunement and everything we learned that day. I suddenly felt a change in mindset. My mind, like a brick, was being stubborn in wanting to hold on to my old ways but the result of surrendering allowed me to become anew and so I cried and shook softly which was completely unexpected. It was such a blessing to let go of negativity, no matter how big or small, but in my case I felt a big burden lifted off my shoulders. I could sense the words, “You’re right where you should be” being ‘said’ to me. I felt this truth and was very grateful for it. Why? Being grateful isn’t always easy. I felt that the negativity that I released was preventing me from enjoying the day fully and prevented me from being truly grateful. I couldn’t be happier that our teacher asked us to pray. Thank you so much :)

May all of you who read this account of true love through surrender experience it first hand for yourselves. Go ahead and see for yourself what it is like to seek shelter and peace through letting your burdens go. May all beings be well, happy and peaceful.”

-Forrest H.

A Most Beautiful Experience in Practicing the “Open Heart” [1]


Earlier, the term “Open Heart” sounded weird in my ears. Why should we “open our heart”? Normal praying should be good enough. Why should we touch our heart?
I preferred not to touch the heart; my hand got tired!
The more I avoided touching the heart, with fingers pointing to the chest, the more I felt it ridiculous. But after praying, I didn’t feel anything – no result whatsoever.

So at the next opportunity, I started praying with touching the heart gently and with feeling. Wow, the result was indeed different: extraordinary! True Source’s Love worked completely on me and my heart. When I touched the heart, I started to feel something, namely my heart opened widely as if without limit.

Some benefits I got from the open-heart were that my stressful feeling, impatience, short-temper, anger, hatred and resentment gradually changed into joy and happiness; I became more patient in any situation and I could even surrender. These were real & positive results.
My family also enjoys the changes; my wife and my children are not stressful or scared of me anymore; they also feel the happiness that I experience. What Guru said is true: True Source’s Love radiates to all directions and to all beings.
Now I also enjoy the friendship with my neighbors and the people I meet wherever I go.
My way of thinking and my point of view also change to the better ones.

I realize that there is no reason for being lazy to practice seriously and with proper heart attitude. All exercises/practices given by Guru in the form of CD’s are very beneficial; the result is always so real and positive.

Hopefully this sharing could help convincing all friends to be more diligent and serious in practicing, and to surrender their hearts and beings more completely to True Source.

My Beautiful Experience in Practicing the “Open Heart” [2]


My Beautiful Experience in Practicing the “Open Heart”

This one is about “money”:

Certainly all alumni friends are very aware of what we call “money”, talking about which is always interesting; :) yes, we all need it. :)
Before I practiced the Open Heart, “money” was the most important thing to me. My brain’s concept about money was that “we can do many things with money”, among others also we could join the retreat more often. :)

I used to work from 6:00 A.M. until 8:00 P.M. non-stop, every day without holidays. My work place is 40 km away from home (ca. 25 miles), so I commuted about 50 miles round-trip daily without holiday. This was going on for about six years. I was exhausted, but money-wise I had plenty.
At that time I thought why I should do the Open Heart, since without money it’s nothing, but headache. I didn’t have time for the family, let alone to practice the Open Heart; it should be tiresome and I’d get sleepy. When I closed my eyes, my brain would work, thinking about money.. , well, I’d rather sleep!
Meanwhile, I got upset easily, and this happened every day, consequently my family became the victim. Then I got Diabetic Mellitus (high blood sugar). I was aware that this was a warning.

So I started to do the Open Heart prayer intensively, more than three times a day, and I did it heartily.
Wow… I felt so wonderful; touching the heart led me to such a beautiful feeling.
From then on I realize that I am willing with all my heart to be loved and taken care of by True Source. I am “bersedia”.

Some improvements that I experienced:
I willfully reduced my working hours to 8:00 A.M. – 3:00 P.M. Mondays-Fridays, and 8:00 A.M. – 11:00 A.M. only with Sundays and holidays: off.
My family is now happy that I am not short-tempered any more. Health-wise, my blood sugar level is currently also under control.
Surprisingly, in spite of reducing my working hours tremendously, my income got even much better than before.

I’m so grateful for True Source’s Love and Generosity. As a matter of fact we don’t have to do anything, but be ready and willing to be loved and taken care of by True Source. True Source will provide us with all our necessities, not only with those which we know we need, but also with those that we don’t even know we need.