Heart Friends

Heart Friends

Heart friends, so grateful to have connected with you all. A great reminder for us all to be thankful, each and every moment, for this precious life. Take a few minutes, wherever you are, to let go of whatever is happening in this life, and just completely relax. Smile sweetly and freely to your beautiful heart, and if it helps, physically touch your spiritual heart, right in the center of your chest. Allow yourself to feel the blessings, guidance and help The Source is showering upon you, right now. Let yourself go, completely relaxing all your trying and doing, all your observing, all your efforts, and just relax, smiling sweetly to your heart. Allow the Beloved, The Source of Light and Love, to help you, for The Love is there, present, all around you and within you, wanting to do all the most wonderful things for you. Let the Love have its way with you… sparkling and tickling your heart to open and unfold. True Source’s Love is the best.

Heart friends, The Light and Love and Will of True Source is just happening upon all of us, everywhere, in every time and every dimension. Relax and just let Love be the doer, let go and trust The Love completely. For so many throughout existence, it may appear that, in this life that there is so much hunger, hardship, sickness and so much suffering in this life. Life is not suffering, we suffer when we choose to follow our ego, to follow our soul urges, when we turn our back on the Love and disconnect our hearts from the Love. Accept this invitation not to put your attention upon all this suffering. Instead, allow the direct Love, from the Source of Love, to gently touch your heart, and cleanse and open your heart, feeling the natural brightness, the beauty, that is just present, radiating within, shining through everything… healing everyone, bring everyone and everything into the direct Love.


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