Experience When Using Our Heart

Example For Using Our Heart
When we are partnering in some practice, we normally take turn to guide each other.
In the meantime, sometimes I could feel whether my partner is completely relax, or not yet.
Once, after the practice was over, my partner asked me about various things, for instance, about his energy or whether I could see his aura, etc.
I told him that I personally didn’t know. Even if I happened to have the answer to somebody’s question, it was not due to my own ability, but because my heart told me so. So, if my heart didn’t tell me anything I would not know it. And if I did my own effort to answer, I would not get it since I was not familiar with such things.

The conclusion is that here (at Padmajaya/Padmacahaya) we are supposed to practice using our heart, not to train ourselves to see with our “third eye.”
When we diligently practice with our heart, the sensitivity that sometimes arises is actually a blessing for us and the others, too, to get closer to True Source.


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