A Most Beautiful Experience in Practicing the “Open Heart” [1]

Earlier, the term “Open Heart” sounded weird in my ears. Why should we “open our heart”? Normal praying should be good enough. Why should we touch our heart?
I preferred not to touch the heart; my hand got tired!
The more I avoided touching the heart, with fingers pointing to the chest, the more I felt it ridiculous. But after praying, I didn’t feel anything – no result whatsoever.

So at the next opportunity, I started praying with touching the heart gently and with feeling. Wow, the result was indeed different: extraordinary! True Source’s Love worked completely on me and my heart. When I touched the heart, I started to feel something, namely my heart opened widely as if without limit.

Some benefits I got from the open-heart were that my stressful feeling, impatience, short-temper, anger, hatred and resentment gradually changed into joy and happiness; I became more patient in any situation and I could even surrender. These were real & positive results.
My family also enjoys the changes; my wife and my children are not stressful or scared of me anymore; they also feel the happiness that I experience. What Guru said is true: True Source’s Love radiates to all directions and to all beings.
Now I also enjoy the friendship with my neighbors and the people I meet wherever I go.
My way of thinking and my point of view also change to the better ones.

I realize that there is no reason for being lazy to practice seriously and with proper heart attitude. All exercises/practices given by Guru in the form of CD’s are very beneficial; the result is always so real and positive.

Hopefully this sharing could help convincing all friends to be more diligent and serious in practicing, and to surrender their hearts and beings more completely to True Source.


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