Questions and Answers in Reiki Tummo

Questions and Answers in Reiki Tummo
1) What is your personal opinion for using the symbols in the Reiki Tummo? Do you use symbols or not?

As I have mentioned in other email where I attached the new way of doing Reiki after Level 2 without symbols. So, now, we do not have to use Reiki symbols anymore in Reiki Tummo. That is since mid 2011. The reason for not using symbol is because symbol in Reiki Tummo is just a helping tool to understand the benefits of non physical energy called Reiki that actually has so many benefits, like different colors with different benefits. This is a tool to help our heart willing to open and surrender to accept The Love, as represented by different Reiki energy vibrations.

It is like a baby walker to help the baby to learn to walk. Once the baby knows how to walk, the baby is ready to learn how to run. If we still give the baby walker to the baby to use, the baby never learn to run properly. So, the symbol in Reiki Tummo is like that baby walker. After 2011, human heart is ready to progress better in surrendering without using symbols. That is why we need to remove the symbols. But, you can still use the symbols if you want, but your heart opening and surrendering progress will be slower. Just like the baby who want to learn to run but still want to use the baby walker 🙂

We keep the manual as it was before to show the history of Reiki Tummo that we did use symbols in the past, but not now.

So, I do not use symbol any longer and the results are even much much better as we are surrendering more to True Source.

2) The second question is about opening my aura. Do I need to open my aura before the self-healing? Is it necessary or not? And if yes, why it is important?

All steps in Reiki Tummo healing are important, for the best results. There is nothing wrong if you miss 1 step as Reiki energy is Divine Love so never give you any harm. But, if you do the complete steps, you get the best results.

Opening aura is important before we start the channeling so the penetration of Reiki energy into our body layers are the best. Remember our aura is acting like the Atmosphere layer for the Earth. As we need to put something into our body, the best if we open this aura. But, do not worry about negative energy can enter the body. Reiki energy has its own mechanism to prevent this.
After healing, you do not need to close aura if you are healthy, it can close by it self. For the patient, it is better to close the aura after healing as their aura is weaker.

3) The last question is about self-healing. In other (mainly in traditional) Reiki systems it is not necessary to do the self-healing procedure after level 2 “manually” (putting your hands to different positions on your body). The self-healing is done by sending the energy to the whole body at once (to all parts of the body at once). So the question is: it is necessary to do the self-healing in RT level 2 identically as in level 1 or not? And if yes, why? Why it is not enough to send the energy to the whole body?

Good question. In Reiki Tummo, doing Self Healing and Open Heart Prayer is the main basic exercises that we need to do every day even if we already attended advanced level. Why? Because when you do self healing, your heart is connected better to Divine Love&Light through the energy flow to your heart then to your palms. Remember, it is your heart that is actually have direct connection to the Source of Divine Energy, True Source. So, every time you channel Reiki energy, your direct heart connection is improving.

If our true final spiritual goal is to return to The Source (attain Yoga), how can that happen if our heart does not have better direct connection to True Source? And doing self healing every day is not for healing the body (as all healthy body will die anyway), but for maintaining and improving our heart direct Love connection with our Beloved True Source.

You can do simple experiment as below:
a) relax, smile joyfully and intend to channel Reiki Tummo forward for about 2-3 minutes while smiling to your heart joyfully. Feel what happen to your heart feeling?
b) Stop channeling and feel how your heart feeling after 2-3 minutes
c) Channel again, repeat step a and how your heart feeling?

So, doing self healing is very important in Reiki Tummo. The main goal is not for healing, but for that heart connection to True Source.

It is better to do position to position. Intending to channel to the whole body does not mean you can do it properly already. In fact, channeling to multiple target at once in paralel is part of Level 3A materials called Mass Channeling. So, Level 2 can not do it yet, even if they intend to do so, the results are not the same. It is something to do with how much your heart open and connected to The Source.

i understand many people oversimplify spiritual matters, thinking that by intending they can do the same. They just forget, it is not about our intention. It is about how true our real connection is. Just like you open the water tap in your house but your house plumbing system is not connected to the water company yet. Even if you open (analogy of intention) 1000x, no water will flow. But it will be different if you already have connection to the water company.

Hope this explains.


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