The Real You

The Real You
An Interview with Irmansyah Effendi
By Luciana Buchanan

Why did you name your book “The Real You”?

The questions surrounding who we really are and why we are here have been the ultimate topic stirring many philosophers, spiritual seekers and theologists throughout different times and eras for as long as human existed.
Many people devote their lives to searching for an answer, yet most seek using their mind, concepts and ideas, while it is only with the heart one can be shown the answer.
Fulfilling our true purpose of life begins by realizing who we really are, and that is why I named my book The Real You: Beyond Forms and Lives.

Why did you decide to write this book now?

I started sharing about opening the heart in workshops in 2000, and I am so grateful that the response has been so positive. We now have over 50.000 alumni from all over the world including UK, Ireland, Germany, Finland, South Africa, USA, South America, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, and so on.
As more and more hearts are opened to True Source, I feel that people are more ready to know deeper truths, and now is the proper time to introduce and reveal the many secrets that exist beyond this human shell.

Is there anything you would like to share about your book that would be of interest to the readers of this magazine?

I had been spiritually seeking myself for many years, and there was a point in my life where a third of my salary just went into buying spiritual books and as soon as I returned from work, I would meditate for 4 – 41/2 hours per day.
I am so thankful to many guides and books that helped to open mind, yet it was only when I was conscious as my true self that it was possible to understand in a way so deep, so clear and so completely that no books could ever explain. The deepest part of me started to remember who I really am, why I am here, the real purpose of life of every being-and the reason True Source has created everything that ever existed.
What I discuss and share in this book is not my theories, or an analysis of other people’s theories. It is a personal sharing of what I experience in my highest, my deepest consciousness as my true self and also the experiences of thousand or our alumni who have since attained their true self consciousness

How is what you are sharing different to other approaches to spiritual growth?

Putting aside all concepts and ideas, spiritual growth must be directly related to spirit.
And it is only by opening heart that you can begin your path of spiritual growth, as our spirit (true self) reside within our heart. And contrary to conventional theories that rely on effort and will from the self to achieve something, true spiritual growth can only be accepted as a blessing from True Source, The Creator.

You mentioned the heart and putting what you share into practice. Could you explain what you mean by this?

Sure, there are three important keys to opening your heart: relax, touch your heart, and smile.
You see, many of us as we grow older, we start to think more, accumulate more burdens, and without realizing we are closing our hearts more and more. That is why you might notice that children smile and laugh more freely than adults, as their brains are not yet blocking their hearts.
You could try by firstly relaxing…close your eyes…touch the center of your upper chest lightly with your fingers, and smile sweetly and freely…
Keep on smiling sweetly and freely to your heart and let the Blessings help you to go into the peace and calmness…Enjoy…
Relaxing, touching your heart, and smiling sweetly and freely are the first steps to really rely on the Love from True Source. The key to spiritual growth is to move away from relying on us or our efforts and start relying on the Unlimited Love from True Source.
You can read my other book, Smile to Your Heart Meditations, for further and detailed information on how to strengthen your heart and the wonderful feeling from your heart.

What you are saying is that the key to spiritual growth is learning how to rely on The Love from True Source instead of relying on ‘us’ or our efforts to do it.

That is correct. We are all limited beings with so many weaknesses. How can imperfect being reach something perfect? As best a limited being can do, it will always be limited. True Source Love is the perfect one; True Source Love is Unlimited; and this Divine Love



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